Housing crisis
in The Hague

How did we
get here

Esther van der Heijden
Justine Corrijn

Elinor Salomon
We see the soil as a metaphor for the ground we build on. Visuals of terrain often look linear and ordered in layers, but the reality of digging is messy; raw materials can be found in unorganized layers, and different strategies produce different results.

This website communicates the complexity of the current housing situation in The Hague. As this complexity is constantly changing, gaps in the data are inevitable. To show different perspectives and visual representations on the subjects, we have chosen to collect newsarticles from 13 websites that represent the Dutch media widely. The articles are collected in May 2020 and therefore represent the actualities during that period.

We want to thank Xiomara Vado Soto, Harry van der Heijden and Emile den Tex, who helped us compose this website by suggesting relevant topics from their field of expertise. We also want to thank Ruben Pater for guiding us through this process!

We invite you to start excavating and discover the messiness of the reality of the housing crisis in The Hague!

Esther, Justine & Elinor